Moyles Court School Match Reports

Moyles Court School

Y10/11 Rugby Match vs Leehurst Swan - 20th March

Match Report

Leehurst Swan arrived with a physically imposing team and within the early encounters it was clear that the size of some of the opposition was going to give them a significant advantage in many areas of play. Moyles Court defended well for the first quarter of the game but finally Leehurst Swan took the lead when our defensive line found it impossible to bring down one of their forwards. Two more tries for Leehurst Swan and a converted penalty from Jacob made it 19 – 3 at half-time.

Although Moyles Court were outsized and outscored in the second half they performed with grit and determination when tackling and they had their own stars with Jacob making a number of impressive runs and scoring our only try and Laurence, playing in only his second ever game of rugby, making numerous try saving tackles. They were ably supported by Sam who also made a number of important tackles and who also was able to make lots of ground carrying the ball.

Although Moyles Court lost this bruising encounter by 46 – 10 points, they came out the game with a lot of credit.

Men of the Match: Laurence and Jacob 

Posted by Greg Meakin on Tue, 25 Mar 2014

Y3 Tag Rugby Tournament at Bournemouth Collegiate School

Match Report

Our group included the Park School, Buckholme Towers and Bournemouth Collegiate School. We began with our first game against BCS. Both teams exchanged tries in what was a very evenly contested game; however we ended up losing 9 – 8. Our second game against Park School again was evenly contested this time we came out winners by 7 tries to 5. Although we lost our third game 7-6 to Buckholme Towers we progressed through to the semi-finals due to the fact we had outscored two other teams.

In the semi-final we had a game of end to end rugby, but unfortunately we were edged out by just one try with a final score of 9 - 8 in favour of Yarrells School. Almost every player contributed to the try score, but stand out performers were Elle, Harrison, Edward, Jack and Lola.

Players of the Match: Elle and Harrison 

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Posted by Greg Meakin on Wed, 19 Mar 2014

Under 11 Netball v Sopley Primary School

Match Report

Team 1

Moyles Court started well with early goals. Their opposition struggled to gain possession of the ball. In the second half we continued to score. Our defence were extremely strong, and our attackers moved quickly around the court finding space. Team work and enthusiasm really paid off!

Team 2

Both teams were evenly matched at first, with the score being 5-5 at half time and 9-9 after the third quarter. However, during the last quarter the opposition continued to attack well and score further goals. Moyles court showed great determination right to the very end!

Final Score

Moyles Court -12  Sopley 1                              Moyles Court -10 Sopley 18

Players of the Match: Rachel and Candela

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Posted by Greg Meakin on Mon, 17 Mar 2014

U11 Hockey v Park School

Match Report

Team 1

Both teams were fairly evenly matched at first, the score at half-time being 1 all. However, after half-time our attacking players began to position better – supporting each other and working together. At the same time Moyles Court defenders showed skill and determination in not letting the ball past them. Team work nd enthusiasm won them the match.

Team 2

Moyles Court started well with 3 early goals, their opposition not really able to push the ball past the half-way line. In the second half we continued to score (our attackers moving quickly into good shooting positions). Moyles Court defence also stopped and cleared the ball well only conceding 2 goals.

Final Score:

Team 1 - Moyles Court          4          Park School    2

Team 2 - Moyles Court          11        Park School    2


Player of the Match:

Team 1 Nia


Team 2 Eleanor 

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Posted by Greg Meakin on Mon, 10 Mar 2014

Under 11 Netball vs Leaden Hall School

Match Report

Due to the weather being so poor this week, Leaden Hall had contacted us to invite us to go along to their school regardless of the weather to enable us to play some kind of game.  As it was raining for most of the afternoon, we were invited to play a new kind of Bench Ball.  There were lots of netball rules included and the game was new to each school so it was a level playing field.

During the afternoon we were able to play 3 games of Bench Ball against different teams from Leaden Hall and the girls all had a great time.  We were lucky enough to win the first 2 games but they were both very close.  In the final game, the game was an exact draw with both teams catching the last balls on the bench at the same time.

This was our first game against Leaden Hall and the standard of the two schools seems very similar so we are looking forwards to having more games against them in the future.

Final Score: Moyles Court - 3    Leaden Hall - 1

Player of the Match: Nia


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Posted by Greg Meakin on Mon, 10 Feb 2014

U9 Hockey v BCS

Match Report

This was the first hockey match our year 4 girls had ever played in so they went into the game with a few nerves.  After a couple of minutes of playing against BCS U8 team, the girls settled down and the forwards began to play well.  We conceded an early goal to BCS, but responded straight away with a great goal by Lea.  This was followed up by Marguax who took us into the lead with our second goal.  At the end of the first quarter, the score was level at 2 – 2.

The girls found it difficult to keep up with the attacking play made by the BCS team and although we had several goal attempts and another 2 goals, we couldn’t seem to take the win.

Even though we only had 7 girls in total to play this game, and with no reserves available the girls played so well.  I am so proud of their attitude and commitment to the game and they showed perseverance throughout the afternoon.  They are a real credit to the school.

Final Score:

U9 Moyles Court - 4    BCS U8 – 4

U9  Moyles Court – 0   BCS U9 – 6

Player of the Match: Lea

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Posted by Greg Meakin on Fri, 24 Jan 2014